Meet Charles.

Full name: Charles (a.k.a Charlie), Bun-Buns, Borough (as in scar-borough)

Charlie buns :)

I came home on a friday night after dinner with my mom to a bunny at my feet t the front door, as a surprise from my two best friends Nooshin and Kaitlin... He is the sweetest little thing, although he was shy at first, he is now getting used to his new home and proud mama's :) 


fragments of black and white.

This is something Im working on in one of my classes, we are learning how to use a diagonal grid using only black and white images and symbols. this is a typical exercise for learning how to do magazine layouts etc.  I tried to stick with somewhat of a theme, but i don't know


Old European Decadence

These were all taken at the Royal Ontario Museum through the glass (as you can probably tell). But, how badly do you want one of these crazy chandeliers in your living room?! I kinda though about stealing one. Not gonna lie. Oh the crown moldings and wall panels so intricately made with the utmost attention to detail! The wallpaper! The art! The jewels! Ohhhh hoowww mahhhhvelous. (british accent).  


day at the ROM :)

I went to the Royal Ontario Museum on Saturday with my sister mom aunt and goddaughter (unfortunately I don't know why mama, auntie and baby aren't in any of these photos though). I LOVE the ROM!, so many cool things to look at and not enough time!, everything about the design and decor is just...cool. And you can take some realllyyy good photos there. creepy things in jars and behind glass are always awesome (I love gross and gore). I loved the batcave And 'Europe in the twentieth century' exhibit... all with these intricate and ornate rooms decorated intently from floor to ceiling. (That exhibit deserves its own post, coming soon).




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