lights & stars

more (& more) holiday posts! ..yay.
Me and my roommates have taken our small amounts of spare time to turn our apartment into winter wonderland. Garlands, wreaths, bows, glitter, snowflakes etc. We stayed up the other night obsessively cutting out the perfect little white snowflakes to string around the apartment, we ended up hanging them in the living room window... so it looks like its always snowing! :) You can see Charlie hopping around in the bottom corner of the last photo... cuutiee pie. 

ALSO!, I have got my name mentioned on a blog of caliber for the first time! (although not for my blogging talents) but for a giveaway that I won, HURRAY! 

I won a piece of jewelry from The parliament of two. Thanks to the quite dapper Bedlam of beefy.

heres the giveaway post! HERE & HERE.   (omg look it says my name & blog! gahhh) 

p.s I chose the bunny brooch of course :)


OH BABY, it's cold outside

These are some pictures of decorating the tree, my favorite ornaments, champagne, kitty cat, silly face & grandpa socks of course. 

I love every single thing about the holidays. 

currently my roommate/bestfriend of life is baking ginger cookies
my fave. 
the scent is absolutely intoxicating....i think im in heaven
yum yummy yum.


give a hoot, don't pollute!

This was a poster I did for a pro-eco organization that was doing a campaign to raise awareness about the destruction of habitat and the effects of tourism on our environment. It is done by hand, mixed media collage and pencil, sharpie.


this misplaced feeling

I hate this lost-ish feeling. bleh. 


a poster for baskerville

     So, this is a poster created for my typography class. We were supposed to pick a font that we liked/found interesting and then create a poster for it, which conceptually illustrates the font and what it's all about. So i picked baskerville, I chose to emphasize the uppercase Q and the lowercase g becuse those are the two most memorable letterforms in the typeface. The gears are symbolic of how the font is a 'transitional' font which was made at the beginning of the industrial revolution, and they are supposed to have that 'industrial' feel, as well as show how the letterforms work together... like gears. 

I still have some editing to do, in the title and subtitle spacing... I can't decide if its too close to the edge or not.

back! & with some inspiration

OKAY, so all my assignments are done... and there is only one last exam to study for. SO, I am back :) !
& I am going to start posting some work that I have done in the last little bit of the semester so you can see what i have been up to...

The snow is falling and its getting cold outside.. I love everything about the holidays and all that comes with it: glitter, cozy knitted sweaters and scarves, hot chocolate (or white mocha's mmm), grandpa socks, the lights, the smells, the cheesy decorations... 


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