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Seth & Summer, Noah & Ally, Ross & Rachel, Rose & jack......
lovelovelove. xo

simple dressings.

I love Rachel Bilson and Jennifer Aniston's simple and understated style. I hate difficult, fussy, overdone clothes. Even the way they pair heels with denim makes them look put together effortlessly. I think you should wear the clothes, the clothes shouldn't wear you... so sometimes having tights, a high waisted skirt, a blouse, a necklace, a tank top, a belt etc etc... pulling together to make an outfit,  you sometimes get lost and drown in the clothes, and its a big mess. I think Neutrals and subtle prints are key and always layering simple cottons. 


The Sweetest Thing

circa 1998:  a blue eyed boy meets a brown eyed girl, men on motorcycles, tattoos (Im seriously considering one), old school romance, Freckles, beach days.


Oh, oh oh The sweetest thing



     So, move-in day has come and gone. OH by the way, me and my two best friends/ roommates are moving (yet again)... I just realized that I hadn't posted anything about this yet. But I have already packed, boxed, taped and unpacked and I now reside at a new geological location in downtown Toronto. (which really isn't far at all from our old place, just down the street and around the corner in fact).

      But, let me take a moment to reminisce, as it is time to say goodbye to my beloved home. First off, Baldwin street was perfect. It was perfect for the time and place the three of us were at in our lives... starting out in our first year at school, moving out for the first time, in one of the biggest cities in the world, not knowing what we were doing or what to expect. Now let me paint you a mental picture of what it was like to live here, with a few of my describing words: It was lively, hustley-bustley, old downtown, hipster, kensington/ chinatown district brick house
in the neighborhood of couches on porches, serenaded in the late evening by indie acoustic guitar music men strumming away with scruff and fedoras. As the scents of all the cute little artsy-fartsy cafes down the street make your stomach growl, and the little video shop plays a classic old film noir outside while a cute couple shares gelato. Although Baldwin street was great, it was clear to us we had different ideas about the rest of how university should go. Time to focus on school more, in a better environment. A little safer, a little smarter, a little cleaner (ahem ALOT cleaner).

(in-suite laundry YES!!)

     The new place is an upgrade (to say the least). It's beautiful clean, and safe. (not to mention the view). I could go on forever about how much BETTER it is. I know it's only my first night, But I still find myself unsituated.  By 'unsituated' I mean that I am still unfamiliar, unattached and not in love yet, almost like Im pulling up a tree from the roots, and replanting it somewhere else. But whats stopping me?Memories? perhaps. Although I know those won't be hard to make. I suppose 'situated' will come when the third roommate kaitlin arrives, she is out of town and doesn't move in until later next week.... same with our couch and chair, haha. So maybe, slowly but surely i will be situated. I can feel it starting, and I'm excited. decorating the place to our own unique style (and budget)... and tailoring it to ourselves. Anyways, I think I have drank my fair share of tea. (Im currently at starbucks with friends drinking tea after tea to use the free wi-fi, I don't get mine until the 24th)

So, until next time..  :)

p.s the illustration is by Sophie Blackall, who also does one of my favourite blogs missed connections.


bridges vs. walls

"The loneliest people in this world put up walls instead of building bridges."

images from weheartit


dreams, realities in waiting.

So, I haven't posted any of my own art or photography (besides little snapshots) in a long time... So i thought i would upload some photos i have been taking to show that i haven't done absolutely nothing all summer. I do go to an art school...yeeesh. haha. I have been experimenting with really low-grade quality cameras because i kinda like the raw effects it brings out like disposables, or webcams for example. They are much more gritty. (plus i have been kinda living out of a backpack all summer and there is not a lot of room for big fancy cameras) Sometimes you just gotta make do with what you've got.

& yes thats me, and yes that is vintage floral wallpaper. I was at my dads 100 year(ish) old farmhouse. and yes that is a flesh toned bra. Intentionally unsexy, unprovocative. haha

banana popsicles

my skin is  dark from all this sun (well, dark for my typical white-ness) my hair is light and sun-drenched, so i guess summer must be coming to an end. does it have to?...what is it about THIS summer that I love so much? not summer in general, but THIS summer?. could it be the atmosphere, care-free and hot. fun and chaos is on everyones mind. getting into trouble doesn't seem all that bad. everyones a little more spontaneous, a little more skin is showing. twirling around in a sundresses. licking the melted popsicles drips from between your sticky fingers. I have had fun. so much fun. i have been free. no rules. running around in bare feet covered in mud kinda fun. jump off the end of the dock into the water fully clothed but you don't care because your so hot kinda fun. listening to your friend play that song you love on his acoustic guitar sitting across the campfire from you. sand between your toes. french braids. tomato colored noses. 

& So i am left with this: "you get a strange feeling when you’re about to leave a place, I told him, like you’ll not only miss the people you love but you’ll miss the person you are now at this time and this place, because you’ll never be this way ever again." 

its like when your at a party where you know no one, or on vacation somewhere across the world, or you were just told you were going to die in a few days..... 

you are uninhibited. 
you are wild.
you are free.


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