Oscar favourite: Mila Kunis

What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't blog (at least a little bit) about the Oscars?! High fashion is not my expertise, although i can definitely let you know who my fave was. Although everyone in the entire blogosphere is doing the same thing...bloggers gotta do what a bloggers gotta do! haha. They happened just last night and bashfully, I admit to going to sleep at a wimpy 7:00 due to a crazy weekend and wicked headache. So therefore I missed the actual awards show... and what a shame too, because my husband (James Franco) *wink*wink was hosting alongside the always beautiful Anne Hathaway.

This dress by Elie Saab caught my eye the most. Love the cut, colour, shape and all that lacey, drapey texture in all the right places. The understated silver and diamond accessories are perfect along with the nude toned clutch and nail polish. Pastels can sometimes be hard to wear on certain skin tones because it washes a lot of people out, but her slightly olive skin tone is actually complimented by it. This is a colour and style I think we will be seeing a lot of come spring.



Sunshine. Here one minute, gone the next.

lovely, yet brief...

Dear, mother nature
giving us one day of Spring in February was too...
a.) tease us
b.) freak us out
c.) give us a taste of whats (hopefully) soon to come


That very same day of experiencing plus ten degree sunshine, I found myself driving home at night in a blizzard. I mean, I am definitely not one to get my hopes up too high because I know very well that here in Canada and in Ontario especially... whenever you think spring is here and the snow is gone for good or is at least on the outs, there is always (seriously, always.) one more white out, snow day, snow squall. Whatever. Winter just seems to linger. I yelled at my family for opening the door and leaving just the screen exposed. "It's still winter outside! turn the heat back on forgodssake!". But I couldn't help but open my window all the way for a few minutes and just breath in that intoxicating scent of spring.

Here one minute, Gone the next.

{me by my window and the sun shining right on in}


Dear Followers: I LOVE....

...Just some sort of late valentine xo.

Hope you all had a good one! I just wanted to say thank you to all my followers for reading through my rants, writings and randomness. I am really really wanting to do this blog thing for a long time and eventually perhaps make some money off of it (?) through advertisements... but in order to do that I still need way more followers.

Soo... Im asking....Help a sista out!?? copy my link into your Facebook status or twitter to make me the happiest little wannabe journalist in town.

love, me. xo


February Clothing Haul

I can't wait to wear this trench coat  that I got last week with a little black dress underneath and some black patent pumps now that the weather is a little bit nicer (well at least for the time being). I took off the original belt that it came with and replaced it with my own vintage leather belt that I found a long time ago and I have been looking for a place to put it. The jacket is perfect for spring because it has a cute little polka dot lining on the inside so its still nice and warm. & the best part it that I totally match inspector gadget. 

:) xoxo


nail polish trends

(left to right)

1. L.A girl 
2. O.P.I 'samoan sands'
3. O.P.I  pearled 'sand in my suit'
4. Nicole by O.P.I 'you can!'

Nudes and peaches look good with any outfit or skin tone and elongate your fingers for a more elegant look, and best part is chipping is a lot less noticeable. 


happylist (deuxième)

1. When a song randomly comes on my ipod when it's on shuffle, that describes my current mood or situation perfectly. (and no I am not one of those people that puts it in their Facebook status.)

2. When the sun is at that perfect spot in the sky, that it fills my entire room with the prettiest kind of light. (usually around 4:40pm these days)

3. Jellybellies, and mixing all the different flavours together to make awesome combos, (my favourite is one bubble gum, one fruit punch..mmm...).

4. Spontaneous karaoke sessions with my sister... or random 90's dance party's with my closest friends when we are in the middle of studying.

5. Glass of wine before bedtime with mom.

6. Prematurely (and not seriously) planning my perfect wedding and all the details (ahem... how embarrassing, Im 19 and single)...I just like to sit and think of these things while watching shows like 'Say yes to the dress'. Im a girl okay. I may or may not have a secret folder on my computer with all my inspiration photos collected from

7. My family's extremely loud and obnoxious dinner table conversations.

8. 'Canadian-ness'...  In the form of: Maple syrup tapped from the trees at my cottage, skating on the lake or homemade rink in my dads backyard, Tim Hortons, Snowmobiling, bonfires, hockey, Bare-Naked Ladies and the Tragically hip, Tobogganing/Toboozing, KD with ketchup, om nom nom.

9. Stretching. exercise.

10. Breakfast... always. (making it, eating it...I wish every time was breakfast time)

yayyy happy.



February Inspiration

(starting from top, rotating clockwise to center)

2. Assorted scented candles 
3. Aerie cotton undies with seashell pattern 
4. H&M coral lace bra (first bra not bought at aerie in years and I must say I'm quite impressed)
5. Lush 'iced wine' shower jelly (Smells too good!) 
6. Silver jewellery (gold is out!) one from local jewellery store, other one from H&M 
8. Essie #10 blanc 
9. Heels in second photo from Costa Blanca accessories (only $15!!)
10. Magazine: ELLE canada February 2011

February is the most depressing month of the year (its proven). SO, I have kept my mind distracted from the -20 degree temperatures by focusing on spring and how quickly these last few weeks have flown by. I made a little photo collage of my favourite things right now (think, bright and cheery), Inspired a lot by Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2011.

The magazine spread that appears in my photos above, and inspired me for the look was from ELLE Canada's trend report entitled 'Spring Awakening' (pg. 99). It says "Luxe Gypsies, boho hippies and punky gals put on a brilliant show... Bring on the highlighter hues, disco purples and breezy whites...It's sheer madness!" ...And I'm loving it.


polaroid loveletter

 2 most favourite things at this moment:

1. Bathing suit by Aerie (here). Although I can't wear this to the beach for at least another 4 months.

2. Tiffany's double heart sterling silver pendant necklace, in their classic turquoise. Birthday gift from dad. so sweet.

3. My new pierced navel. eeeeeep! (I was feeling spontaneous.) 


room to be creative

When I grow up (haha)... I will definitely have an entire room in my home dedicated to making crafts.

photo credits for last photo: 1. Martha Stewart 2. Pottery Barn
3. Country Living 4. Michaels

found the clipboard photo on google, forget exactly where its from?.... but Im almost positive that it is also from country living.

enormous pockets.

There are WAY too many things that I wish were pocket-sized, so that I could take them with me everywhere I go. 

Sticky note made by Michaela Lynch, quoting one of my favourite poets: Jonathan Safran Foer and his book 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close'.


declarations of love.

Len, over at 'A little Hamster ' has these adorable little necklaces... My heart fluttered a tiny bit when I saw the note carrying pendant. Perfect for a hopeless romantic. I bet any girl would love this as a valentines day gift. 

Or do people even still celebrate valentines day anymore??  to cliche?
 ...Whatever. Cute Jewellery.

"These new necklaces are a declaration of love. I found both of them in Asia and are limited editions from Made by lennebelle. The antique heart shaped pendant which is a little box as well, was used to keep tabaco but you can put a sweet reminder in it. The other one I like to call ‘secret message necklace’, you can put just any note in it! Something between you and your love. And of course the ‘You are my number 1′ necklace is a pure declaration of love." 

p.s  her blog is cute too!

p.p.s  I love when I find cool stuff on the internet. 


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