DIY before/after


1. So after I soaked the wallpaper in hot water, then peeled it off slowly.... (caution: do not get excited it DOES NOT come off in one easy piece) you must go around and soak the wall again because you will notice that there are two layers to the wallpaper, the design and the brown paper backing. Although if you have the newer kinds of wallpaper you shouldn't have to do any of this...did you know they have 'peel and stick' nowadays?  so cool.

2. After you soak for the second time the backing will be more easily removed with a scraping tool. 

3. After that you want to go around the areas with an abrasive spongepad and remove any tiny little bits left over.

4. Then the first coat of paint, corners and edges first with a small dense-bristled brush. Then fill in the walls with a roller. repeat. 

I must say that I am so happy with it, the amount of natural light that bounces around in there now is so pretty. All I have to do now is hang up all my art, frames and mirrors, find a new duvet cover, a night table (currently my bedside lamp is resting on a pile of hardshell suitcases) and...thats it. I think.

The good thing about white is I can change the mood/tone of my room by switching up the colours of the other stuff thats in it (the art, bedspread, rugs etc.) and it is not as labour intensive & you can do it way more often. 

If I HAD to choose another colour (say, white didn't exist...haha)... my second choice would have been a muted yellow. yup, yellow. Think, Serena Vander-Woodsen  via Gossip girl. (below) Im pretty sure these pictures are older, I think in the new season her room is a little bit different but you get the idea. 


live by the sun, love by the moon

YAY for freckles.
the moon kinda looks like it may have freckles too...

by the way, Im done painting... 2 painstaking days, 2 full coats later, 2 showers to try and get the paint off and TOO many coffees and one very sore wrist later.

couldn't be more pleased.
pics to be posted soon!



For the new year, me and my sister are painting our rooms. We went to Benjamin Moore with no specific colours in mind. With the beautiful array of shades to choose from the options were endless. Leslie decided to go with a creamy baby pink "pink voille". Me being a design student, most would think I would walk away with some loud, extravagant hue. But! oh contraire!... I ended up walking away with a paint chip with a hue entitled "Simply White".  Some would argue that the 'starkness' of white will turn my room into a dentists office. But I disagree, It's...

symbolic. deep. inspiring.


new year. blank slate. new beginnings. WHITE.

a blank canvas.

its light, and airy.

will I regret this decision?.....

I think not.


Film noir crush: John Payne

I don't know what it is about him... but after watching Miracle on 34th street (maybe a little more than just one time) throughout the holidays, I find myself wishing I were born in 1912. If only.




I love sundays. kind of. Sundays mean the end of the weekend, Back to reality. Mondays. Homework. But sundays are also the days where your nursing your hangover, recuperating from the past few days of constant gogogo. The perfect excuse to stay in bed all day in your PJ's and watch cartoons. 

picture of romeo (a.k.a rapeo) on my bed, snug as a bug in a rug.


dimly lit

Hey, do you like the new look? ... I have a few other banners too, just leave a comment! 

all 'inspiration' images via weheartit

island in the sun

I'll try and fill in what has been missed, but so much has happened over the holidays, its a whirlwind.
These are some of my favourite pictures of our trip to Cozumel (best vacation ever)... although my freckles are unfortunately already fading. floral dresses, flip flops and belly flops, beach hair, sandy toes. 

looking out the window at the slushy filthy snow that line the toronto streets,  I'm beginning to wonder what i WOULDN'T do to go back there now. 

-currently entering every vacation contest on the internet 



soo...I have had a bunch of tech problems in the last month, one of them being that my laptop dead. gone. splat. donezo. and then I went to mexico with my sister. But now im back (well sort of) on my new blackberry wooo. Although I can't do any proper posting until I cn afford a new laptop and who knows when that will be. hopefully sooner rather then later!



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