Spring Clothing Haul. *OLD* (reposted from last year)

*click on the pictures above for a closer look ;)

1. Blue Wilfred Silk spaghetti strap, Aritzia $55 ... not worth it. At value village they have a million of these, all real silk, very 90's. All for less than 10$. If I could to go back in time I would not buy this. It looks good on, because of the intense colour... but thats about it. Me and Leslie found a beautiful black one and a lilac one at Value Village just days afterwards...that looked exactly the same. no joke. & not only that but the price you'll have to pay for dry cleaning when a little spot gets on the 55$ one, it is definitely NOT worth the purchase. haha, darn... Aritzia you win again.

2. Slate Grey/white Graphic tank top $20-$25 ...worth it. For this cotton, relaxed style tank be sure to get a size up. baggy is better when it comes to this style. Looks good with leggings & a pair of aviators. Easy to wash. not too badly priced.

3. Backless tulip shaped Floral top, Costa Blanca $20 ... Definitely worth it! This top is beautiful. Costa Blanca is SO hit or miss. im not a huge fan of it, but on the occasion that I do find something there that I like, I love it. and usually wear it mulitiple times a week. havent been able to so that yet with this one, because its too scandalous with the open back, but when summer comes... oh baby. Looks good with a high waisted pair of shorts if your a little modest and want to cover up your back a little bit more, and low rise jeans and heels for a sexier look. Its great because it sits just perfectly to cover your bra!... I love this one. The picture doesn't even do it justice.

4. Turquoise cropped spaghetti strap with scalloped and embellished hem, Forever 21 $17 ... Worth it. colour is very trendy right now, the minty-tourqouise, and its just a fun, pretty, girly top that looks more expensive then it actually was because of the beading and the material.

5. Pleated floral spaghetti strap, Forever 21 $10 ...Worth it. Another score from Forever 21. yesssssss.

6. Purple Lace t-shirt, Bluenotes $11 ...WORTH IT. This is a total knockoff of what aritzia offers, but for a fraction of the price, and a better fit. I tried on the tops in aritzia and almost bought one, but it looked way too boxy on me, and made everyone who tried it on look like they have wide shoulders. this one from bluenotes has the exact same look, and feel but its cut is much more girly and feminine.

7. Red Button-up blouse, H&M $14 ...Worth it. dress it up or dress it down, the colour is beautiful and its so versatile and easy. you can even wear it open as a spring cover up over a tank top underneath.

8. Sepia toned floral lace top, Babaton, Aritzia $90 ...mmm....i guess its worth it. Because i have had it for SO long, and i always get compliments on it. But because the material is so delicate you need to keep paying for upkeep, with drycleaning and whatnot so it is kind of high maintenance. But I would still say its worth it because I was in love with it at the time. & still wear it often.

9. Cream coloured Tie-front blouse $10 ...worth it. easy peasy.

10. Cream coloured Boyfriend boyfriend style Blazer, Thrifted $4 ...worth it. i was going to buy a new one because they were so tendy it felt like everyone had one but me, but they range anywhere from 60-250$ and up! i looked at VV and I found this one. I really like it :)..and 4$?? please. thats less than a coffee these days.

11. Cream cropped wilfred top, Aritzia $35... worth it! Goes with everything. especially a ripped pair of jeans.

12. Oatmeal coloured knitted cardigan with cutout details on front, Thrifted $3 easiest spring cardigan. looks good over the sepia-toned babaton top, that way your mixing completely cheap, with a more high end item. it adds interest to the outfit.

13. Denim button up, American Eagle $35 ... worth it.

14. Boyfriend Style dress shirt, American Eagle $50 ...not worth it, barely ever wear it because 'the boyfriend look' is aka 'I am drowning in it.'

15. 'Im dating the quarterback' Jacket (haha), Bluenotes $20....not worth it. Everyone has the exact same jacket as me. boring.


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