Tea lattes & Textbooks

Just around the corner from my house is a coffee culture, soo convenient for when you can't get any work done and are in need of a chai latte. Or a brownie.... 
me and leslie decided to go there last night for a much needed pick-me-up.


p.s what do you think of the new banner!? 


Photoshoot: Ombre, Sanguine, Tourqoise

A spontaneous photo shoot taking place in my newly discovered backyard.
Inspired by this lookbook by Planet Blue Beach Rat .
Fluorescent coloured accents, Carefree, fun jeans & a tie-dye tee
....good to go! Pictures of sister Leslie by Me :)


Travel: Spring Break in Dominican

   I'm Back!... The past few weeks couldn't have gone any better, I have had some of the best days {and nights} of my life.  Met a ton of really cool, nice people and made too many memories that I won't be able to forget. Including meeting and partying with one of my favourite bands The Dirty Heads...I'll post pictures later! There music was also the perfect soundtrack to our Dominican Vacation. Leslie {sister} Ashley and I are freckled and relaxed... depressed to be back home after living in the ocean in our bikinis for a week and eating pineapples, its so weird to be bundled back up in our usual t-shirts and hoodies... It feels so suffocating.

 But, I have been doing what I said I would do... {here} that I was going to start living my life a little more  and Im proud for that. But as I have most recently just learned, life can't be rainbows and sunshine all the time. It's Karma I guess.... or just the way life is? haha. Somethings going to happen sooner or later thats going to kill your buzz, But It's how you deal with it that matters most. To my disappointment when I came home, the Job position that I interviewed for and was hoping so much for was filled.
 :(   *sighhhh. All well, who knows...hopefully I will find something just as amazing somewhere else. Get back on the horse... plenty of fish in the sea.... & all that jazz.. haha



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