can't get this song out of my head.

I can't stop listening to 'She & Him'... a band made up of the lovely Zooey Deschanel and Matt Ward. They are a perfect match, vocally... they compliment eachother perfectly and sing songs so raw, "bittersweet, dreamy and romantic". This song is the one i have on repeat. Its a cover of a Beatles song (and yes i have a soft spot for the Beatles... and i don't care what you say!). the video is from July of 2008, pretty old... but whatever. Seeing as it is springtime and on their website it says that "She & Him make music for an eternal springtime, when the temperature is warm enough to go riding with the top (or at least the windows) rolled down and the radio turned up. They occupy an alternate universe where the saddest of songs feel as warm as sun showers; the rain may be coming down, but somewhere nearby, everything looks bright."And seeing as they just released their second album entitled 'Volume two'...Im pretty excited. 


bed head & fedora's

silk flutter sleeves blouse-BB Dakota, Fedora- Joe :) (and only 10 bucks), white khaki boyfriend-style shorts american eagle & sandals from spring.

Photo cred: leslie ... thanks!
editing & art direction: me

& yes i am trying to hide my face in the photos due to the fact that i had a hideous cold and my eyes were super puffy and my nose was comparable to Rudolph's. hahaha


ballerina buns & black lace

lace dress from h&m, silver & turquoise bracelet-?, denim button-up american eagle & brown strap, zipper sandals from spring. 

art director/ photographer: mee
& the lovely model: My sister leslie :)


oh, love.

 YouTube - Bambi - Twitterpated

YouTube - Bambi: Twitterpated

i wish love were really that simple. disney makes it seem so easy. I decided to post this after my moms comment on the spring post.
but how cute is that!?...twitterpated hahaha
thumper always gets me
and p.s the blog will experience a serious revival very soon... i go through phases about what i like to blog about, and right now its mostly food, but with all the amazing clothes out right now for spring...i feel a new phase coming about. stay tuunneedd


the loveliest 'pick-me-up' ...

...the loveliest 'pick-me-up'

 I have been feeling really down lately, and really stressed out... which is why yesterday was the perfect pick-me-up. Nooshin and I had scheduled a little brunch at la crepe cafe to catch up because we have not been seeing much of each other lately due to school and social lives being overly stressful in the past little while. i invited Kaitlin to come along too, so the three of us walked to the cute little cafe on queen and just sat, chitchatted and caught up with eachother. we sat there for a few hours with our coffee and crepes (although i did not get a crepe i got a bocconcini and tomato sandwich instead... still, just as delicious) and we just caught up. which is so nice to have friends like that and i am so thankful to have a good handful of friends like that... although we may drift apart for a while we know that its not because we want to, and that we will always be friends no matter what.... and be able to call each other to hang out or help get each others minds off of things. we then headed over to the eatons center for a quick browse around, (we cant shop we are too broke hahaha) we could just window shop... and spend some of the gift cards we have not used since we got them at christmas. Nooshin got a beautiful fluttery, coral colored tunic from aritzia, and kaitlin got a very flattering white, rouched tube top from Abercrombie&Fitch. we laughed and just spent time together, which is nice. we are so silly together, crazy moments are in abundance and i always find people staring at us because we are laughing so hard. (or when kaitlin knocks someone in the face with a clothes hanger, hahahh). then we decided to get our eyebrows done (seeing as mine had started to look like caterpillars were making a home out of my forehead or something) hahaha. We went to L'attitudes in the mall and wowwww did it hurt to get them waxed. jeeeze. but she did a great job...and it was the perfect day to go there too because they were giving away gift bags filled with all kidns of goodies like a magazine, tons of gum, sebastien hair products, coupons, gift certificates, a razor etc. so we really got our moneys worth i'd say (hich is important to students like us).... then me and kaitlin came home, made a yummy yummy dinner, chicken and pasta.... and the 3 roommates (kaitlin, jenny and I)...  then finished the day off with not only cheesecake...but cheesecake WITH strawberries... WHILE watching greys anatomy & cuddling. 

girl talk, shopping, lots of comfort food, and laughs, beauty time, best friends and Greys Anatomy!!??

what more could i ask for    xox


i'll never take it off...

click photo to enlarge, please


so there's this boy... & he makes me smile :)

And his name is Dallas Clayton. ahahaha...
(im just kidddinggg don't have a crush on him... just his poems!)
every time i check his latest post, it makes me smile... cute quirky & childlike.
 (if you know me you know i have a thing for children's book illustrations... so loose and free)

This is what he says on his website:
"I try to make things that are beautiful.
Sometimes these things are written down.
Sometimes they are drawn.
Sometimes they are wrapped and plastic and sold in important stores
for more money than they cost to manufacture.
I love making most things.
I am most interested in making people happy.
I have a son who is six years old.
I enjoy making him happy most of all.
I would like to do this more and more every day forever.
This is why I write for children.
When I am not writing for children I am writing for adults and the
companies adults run, drawing pictures for those adults, and reading things out loud to crowds of strangers.
I love strangers."
if you like him you will love (THIS)
& definitely check out his website (HERE)

when i find my favorite i will let you know!



lately i have been so distracted by so many things going on, and all at the same time, i have been neglecting this blog & not too mention my homework. (i didn't even end up getting that much done today)...

catch-up day

although i am extremely exhausted, physically & emotionally... i have a never-ending list of things that need to get done. ... this past week has been a blur. 

groceries, cleaning, homework, more homework, resume updating, more homework, laundry  etc. etc.


a hug, a little message, standing, waiting, 
to all who actually read my posts, Im sorry for the lack of blogging... 
I have been crazy busy lately, & my mind has been elsewhere.

hopefully be back to normal soon...


5 more days...

So, its not officially the first day of spring until saturday the 20th...
but look at these buds blooming on the tree in my backyard 
(well, technically in the other peoples backyard...i have no trees, or a backyard... just a fire escape... sadly.)

and with the weather being 14 degrees & sunny... i am loving it.
i have been wanting to go out almost every night. (i don't know if this has anything to do with spring or not)
i have been opening our back door in our kitchen as often as possible to let the nice breeze inside the stuffy apartment that has been kept locked up tight, heaters blasting all winter. 
& i am SO HAPPY to say that i just finished my spring cleaning :)

it smells fresh, like rain kinda. it always smells like rain in the spring. 
& plus! i have an excuse to wear my bright yellow rubber boots! hahaha  :) 


Jessica Stam + Terry Richardson + Shoes = heaven.

ALDO Spring/Summer 2010 (30sec) from Curatemedia Video on Vimeo.

I can't tell you how extremely happy i am that TERRY RICHARDSON   shot the new Aldo 2010 campain & that our own Canadian supermodel Jessica Stam is the beauiful muse featured in the photography . If you aren't familiar with Richardson, you will be familiar with his work. he has shot the likes of Kate Moss, Courtney Love and Obama himself. he has also done countless covers for Harpers bazaar, Vogue and GQ. The photos are fun, vibrant and cheeky and pull from a selection of iconic images.
 i know... I'm 'head over heels' for this new campain. (hahaha, get it!?). i probably sound like i was paid to say these things. BUT...
Every time i walk to work, i pass by the Aldo store in the Eatons center that is all covered up, with the photos plastered glossily all over... mysteriously hiding the new unveiling of the revamped retail store. every time i walk by, i tend to bump into at least 1 person, as my eyes are too busy gazing at the beautiful images rather then where I'm walking. 


its hard for me to remember  this sometimes.



Hey lucy's & one forgotten camera :(

so, these pics are just from google, due to the fact that i forgot my camera on yet another one of our nightly escapades. 

Hey lucy's is located on king st. west downtown, and is our favorite place to go, whether we have nothing to do or just want to get out of the house.

they have great 4$ martinis on wednesdays, 5 wines for 5$ on thursdays, (a student has to keep these things in mind you know), awesome music and great little appetizers, like calamari. OH
and also, a deep fried cheesecake that i have yet to try (ahem, 'deep fried'...) but i am so tempted to every time.

me & kaitlin headed there after work & school to just hang out, seeing as we wont be seeing each other over the weekend because i will be out of town visiting my family.
 (i miss them so much!...& i can't wait to eat! hahaha) 

we also met up with some new friends, had a couple drinks.. and i was very upset about not having my camera with me. (which happens a lot unfortunately). i wanted to take pictures of there atmosphere/decor... they have handmade mirrors made out of soup cans, and art on there old brick walls and beautiful vintage chandeliers oh, and zebra printed couches. Im in love with this place.. hopefully i go back again soon, and take some REAL pictures. 




yes you.

halfway to 100

thank you to everyone who has been supporting me & my blog... love you guys..
now lets try for 50 more!

Jen's 19th

Happy birthday to my best friend & roommate jenny chae
we have had many good times together & will have too many more to count.
love you girlie.

friday we all met up and got together at Jen's best friend erica's condo, 
and then hit frequency nightclub (a favorite of jens)... we got a booth, v.i.p access
 & sooo much dancing.  wayyy later that night/early saturday morning we went to one of the birthday girls favourite resturants Pho, for some noodle soup bowls... mmmm.....
& then headed home, as i had work all day yesterday. but the birthday festivities didn't end there, as we all met up again for a more formal and classy evening in the private room at Milestones at yonge & Dundas. (i got the california salad with shrimp skewer..nom nom).

the first picture of kaitlin and i, is my favourite. 
& the one with the beautiful birthday girl with her boyfriend adrian. (soo cutee)
& of course the three roommates (5th picture down)..kaitlin, me and jenny. 


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