1. laughing, uncontrollably
2. chocolate milk
3. laying on the grass, nuzzled in matt's shoulder
4. sunday afternoons
5. disney movies
6. dancing.
7. unplanned crazy 90s dance parties in the kitchen
8. picnics
9. travelling.. 
10. breakfast :)


it's sunday, Im exhausted, its cold outside, 
& i don't plan on leaving my bed besides to make some tea. 
i'll just be studying.... alll dayyy. bleh. 


sisters birthday- spring rolls

last saturday was my sisters birthday, and we went to dinner and a movie.
we ate at spring rolls at yonge & dundas square, we got cute little appetizers of 'tornado shrimp' that looked really strange, almost like little hairy shish-kabobs or something. the dipping sauce was yummy, but it was prettty messy to eat. for the main course, it was pad thai all around. they have a ton of different options to choose from (of course my sisters pad thai was vegetarian & my moms was curry).  Leslie also got a tiramisu birthday dessert (mmm..) 

I got her a book that is illustrated by our favorite artist, and then i inscribed on the inside front page a little message & then i hand wrapped it in yellow tissue and made a few little flowers and glued them on top and wrapped it up with some pretty ribbon.

 Kaitlin also made Leslie one of her beautiful handmade cards (hallmark should hire her, i swear.) complete with a sweet little message.

after that, we went to the starbucks lounge at indigo beside the movie theater. 
(i got a tall skinny cinnamon dolce latte, like always)
chit-chatted, then went to see the new scary movie with 
leonardo Dicaprio called Shutter Island. it was so twisted, and was never boring, which i like. 
really haunting though. like all movies with twists, you can usually guess what the twist is going to be... but there are a few of them in this movie, some of them me and my mom were able to guess, others not. 

they dropped me off back at my apartment and then leslie and all the girls went back to moms for a sleepover.

overall it was a nice night catching up with mom leslie. & i think she and her friends had fun taking manymany pictures : )


its true. & nothing else matters.
take YOU time. do YOU things. 
its your life your living after all, and no one else's. 

so really...who cares?


i.heart B & W

seattle love 1941, braids, chandeliers, window light, heels.

found on flickr black and white.


if you have everything handed to you & you don't have to work for what you want... 
you have nothing to strive for. 
life is about taking the time.
taking the time & making the effort. 

what you want in life will come one day. 
then, naturally you adopt something else to work towards. 

we as humans must always have something to strive for, in order to be truly happy.

notice that the happiest people you know, are TRYING for something.
whether that be going to school, becoming successful, raising a family, whatever.


thought of the day #16

too busy studying to comment right noww!


study session...

intense study session going on right now, Im on my reading week with a midterm on monday for Visual Studies Critical Frameworks. 

drinking tea, listening to billie holiday and Edith piaff. eating tea cookies. i got my post-its, laptop,  pens, textbook, paper, lots of light coming in from the window, one solemn candle calming the nerves & the house to myself ... ready, set, go. 

thought of the day #15

keep a scrapbook, journal, sketchbook or blog, because it helps you pin down those memories that are not going to be there forever. thats kinda what Im doing with this blog. little scribblings of thoughts and things. 


thought of the day #14

i saw this and i thought it would be a good thought of the day because people walk through life thinking they have it so bad, but when you look around and see all of the devastation going on in other parts of the world, it can seem surreal to you because your HERE. 
here in this privileged world.  truth is, that there is not as much wrong with you as you think there is. and im not saying that im not guilty of this. because i am sometimes. and what i like to do is list all the things that are wrong with me or stressing me out and then when i look at the list i usually feel stupid afterwards because half of the things on the list are just silly. and i feel really liberated afterwards because i realize that i live a truly gifted life. and Im so blessed. 

and no matter how bad you think you have it.... someone else always has it 10 times worse. 


best roomie evarr!

I have the best roommate ever. tonight she not only made me fetuccini alfredo with peppers and zuchini complete with spiced chicken. but she also brought us home some mini, sweet pastel color cakes for dessert which she got from her school's bakery, where they have lots of little confectionary items that the students in culinary arts and baking make during class.  nom nom nom...... 

i love her! and  click here for a link to her beautiful blog 

& congrats on the good interview hun!

professional multi-tasking

soo... im completely cleaning my room today because the dust piled up on corners is making me want to puke, the mounds of scrap paper from art projects are starting to take over my floor, and i just can't deal with it anymore.... SO! instead of listening to music while cleaning...I'm listening to my art history lectures via podcast... =).... oh how i LOVE ocad for doing itunes U. (podcasts on itunes university for my schools courses). studying for my mid-term AND cleaning. my horoscope for today was right! i am getting a lot done today!...i just need to stop blogging now............. Im also a professional attention lack(er)? & distraction finder. k Im really stopping now......... have  good day!

dark & desolate

we went to dinner and a movie on saturdy for leslies birthday, and we saw Shutter Island.
 it had such creepy and haunting images, not to mention the story itself was twisted. 

this is just a couple photos i found that take on that dark & desolate feeling... 

more to come probably....
& again all found on

thought of the day #13

did you know that the act of smiling, actually sends little happy endorphins to your brain, making you then believe you are happy? even though you may really not be. 

so i guess if your having a bad day, just flash your biggest smile.

its contagious, its the best medicine. not to mention that people are attracted to those who smile ;).... and are naturally drawn to them more than anyone else in the room.   

and its proven! look it up!


thought of the day #12

click here for source.
and this one is probably my favorite so far.
especially the last line.
and yeah the font is pretty tiny, click photo to enlarge

you never realize how small you really are.
it reminded me of the first lines from the grinch.
remember the story of the grinch?...and the 'Who's down in Whoville that lived inside a tiny snowflake, like the one on the end of your sleeve'

the quote also reminds me how precious life is.
thats why you have to enjoy every moment, every second &
every breath of air, because life is infinite...
 but we only have one chance to live it. 


Happy Birthday Leslie!!

Happy birthday to my beautiful little sister Leslie who turns 15 today!
we are going to dinner & a movie with mom & some of Leslie's closest friends. 
im so excited i miss mom and sissy so much! 

and isn't it a little bit creepy that Im always on the left, and she's on the right in all the pictures??? 

a birthday note:

Dear little sister,

i love you so so so much you couldn't even imagine. and i could never put it into words.
i hope we always have crazy moments & laugh our heads off... even when we are 85 together.
please keep visiting me in my squishy downtown apartment, because i miss you so much!

and don't think that i have forgotten about our trip to paris when you turn 18 (or was it 16?)

p.s please don't kill me for the last picture.... hahaha its just tooooo funny to NOT put up.
 (i replay the video in my head and the "just wake me up laterr when your wrapping presseennttss")

Love your older sister/ mommy sometimes,


thought of the day #11

i made this one. 

i love this quote.
i tend to stare at celebrities and girls that are prettier or more successful than me 
and sadly wish i was them. but i know i shouldn't.  no one should.

i know I'm kinda cool inside    :)     ...... (kinda)


thought of the day #10

tell someone you love them today.


yummy, healthy breakfast

peanut butter toast with banana slices, scrambled eggs, & a half of a grapefruit.
mm... it was so yummy & healthily-delicious that i had to blog about it. 
& if you hadn't noticed...i kinda LOVE breakfast. its my favorite meal of the day, and if i could i would eat breakfast for every meal... there is just SO many good breakfast foods. one of my favourite resturaunts is called 'La cafe crepe' on queen street because they serve fresh crepes (mmm nutella and strawberrieesss) until midnight. ughhh so amazing. 

FACT! did you know that:

 your body weight ÷ 2 = ______ oz. of water you need to drink daily???? 

seriously?..... i barely ever drink water. ever. i drink a lot of tea & coffee, chocolate milk, juices and smoothies. but never just a plain glass of water. So Im starting a new challenge for myself to drink this much water everyday and see if i see a difference in any way. 

apparently it's supposed to make your skin & hair amazing. take away any aches and pains, prevent headaches, and it will make your joints feel better... not to mention keep away illness because is constantly flushing out toxins from your body. 

sooo lets see how long this lasts. 


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