be back soon!

Trying to be a part-time employee, full-time design student and part-time realtor...
among many other things, can be utterly exhausting.

with my workload from school for the final weeks and then critiques, my extra hours at work (due to the lack of funds) on top of my already busy days is waring me down. And because of this, my bunny Charles went for hours yesterday without food or water. I felt horrible. I also have been trying to coordinate group projects and at the same time trying to find a renter to take over my sub-lease via craigslist and e-mail. Oh and trying to register for next semester too when all the classes i need are full.
GAH. GRR. whhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy!? kqwljfb;iequljgw;qigub prr.

anyways, leaving the blog for about two weeks,
be back as soon as soon as
I feel a little less hostile.


holiday gifting

I am so inspired to be crafty!


very aerie.

oh a winter with no snow...

just not the same.

but definitely a nice thought.

pink lingerie

new favourite nail polish: Revlon Top Speed nailpolish in Pink Lingerie.


favorite flower: Peonies.

found here

This is interesting.

...Reminds me of my dad's farmhouse, they grow in the front yard.
too pretty.


Collage Collage - Shop, Look + Learn from Pike on Vimeo.

I found The coolest little children’s store in Vancouver, Canada called Collage Collage, They made a beautiful video about all the great things they’ve been creating. “An Awesome Book” themed-workshops have apparently been on the menu. I lovveee Dallas Clayton. 


petits déjeuner

Being a vegetarian on weekdays, I find it tricky to feel full sometimes. I found when you take some goat cheese, sliced baby tomato's and place them on a whole wheat baguette with a little salt and get a lovely little lunchy, brunchy snack that fills you up until dinner. Not to mention that the bread is the worst/most fattening thing for you here, the creamier the cheese, the better it is for you. Those brick cheeses are horrribblleee for you and goat cheese is a very yummy option.


More wrinkles, more roles, more Charles.

The amount of posts from here on out that are going to revolve around Charlie are endless.

just a warning.



sleepless in the city.

Don't you just hate it when you are happy, content and on top of things...
you feel like all the shit life has put you through in the past, is completely behind you...
your over it. Its all good. forgiven and forgotten. whatever. no big deal.
your feelin all like Jessica.

and then, you go to sleep.

you sleep, and you end up having dreams and nightmares that make you stressed and upset when you wake up. whether it be about that test, making rent or that person.... Making you feel disoriented, polar opposite of how you feel when the sun is out. when your awake and alert.

but as soon as your unconscious and you reach that third realm of deep sleep. These things that you have driven out of your head just come waltzing back in... no big deal.


I'll just never sleep?

photo by me of me from an old post



This song is by robyn, I heard it on last episode of gossip girl with the perfectly typical chuck and blair romance scene. The picture is off of Kaitlin's camera, sparklers from 2 weeks ago at the cottage.

ah oui, an illustrator from paris.

illustrations by french artist Lucile Prach.
check out her etsy shop 'luciles kitchen' 
& her website.

so cute! , can't quite put my finger on why I like them so much


p.s I would give anything to have a vanilla macaron flown in from Paris' Laduree right now.
 yumm. mouth. watering. droooool. om nom.


Under Construction!

bare with me while I make a few changes to the blog.
renamed, reformatted and redone... slowly but surely trying to figure out how i want this thing to look.
maybe I'll post three or so banners and have everyone vote on the best one,
OH & please take notice of the new url.

p.s  Do you like the new name?


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