SUMMER 2011 was one for the books...

In the words of My best friend in the whole world...."We covered a lot of ground this summer missy; beaches, cottages, boys, 80's partys; nights out in town, down town and up north; roller coasters, road trips, co-ordinating outfits, lazy sundays; learning how to pump gas, play beer pong and drive on highways; burns, brusies and sunburns where there shouldn't be, camping, countless shots, hangover caesars, patio beers, bottles of wine... and lots and lots of pickles."  I love you best friend ♥

Pretty much sums up my summer. Add a little country music and cowboy hats in there....  a lot of barefoot, blue jean night's? ;) a little bit of weird tan-lines, calls to CAA, setting up tents, roasting marshmallows and making the perfect smore, too many freckles to ever count... and too many memories. 

it was hard to choose the photos to go in this post because theres so many I want to share.... 

& now its september and Im bundled up in a sweater, preparing for my classes that start tomorrow. 

how many days until next summer? 

OH... I don't know if I can wait 289 days


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