a cubalist & a farewell.


1. Take a zillion photos.
2. Relax, catch up on downtime i have lacked from the last 8 months.
3. Drink a lot of pina coladas. mm... huzzah!
4. Bring running shoes, go running and exercise with mom.
5. Get up everyday to watch the sunrise. (or maybe at least one morning..haha)
6. Forget everything and everyone that have been bringing me down.
7. Read. Enjoy reading a book. A book besides a text book, for once.
8. Tan. soak up the sun... (although no doubt about it i will also come back with a burn)
9. Swim in the ocean, everyday.
10. Recuperate from the whirlwind fall and winter semesters. 

Wish i wasn't leaving such beautiful weather behind here in toronto.  When i come back i will be saying goodbye to my best friend and roommate the day after i return, a going away party, as she leaves for a special job opportunity at a resort up north. And i will be saying hello and welcoming a new roommate... who i haven't met yet. but Im sure she will be nice. 
Anyways i will be gone until the second of May.
Until then, Goodbye lovelies. xoxo 

p.s photos via weheartit 



Does anyone know what kind of tree this is!?? ughh its so pretty. And that bench!? i just want to sit there in a pretty dress and read something jane austin while sipping tea. ahaha. maybe i should... i love my area of town, because you go around a corner expecting there to be nothing but a grungy alleyway or  parking lot, but then you find this. my street is the best street in toronto. old couches on porches with guys playing the guitar singing some hipster bands music... small little cafes with the walls decorated from floor to ceiling with local art... kensington market around the corner, the other day there was even a man playing the accordion outside of the little video shop while a fold-down tv screen played an old film noir. I sure hope i don't have to leave this place anytime soon.

unless its to cuba... (2 more sleeps until friday!)

** & mom just informed me that this is a magnolia tree... new favorite flower.



I find it so unimaginable that i am going to have absolutely nothing to worry about in only 4 days.

its finals, the last week of first year. (ahem, lack of blogging)...
and i have been working hard trying to keep focused.

Its just so weird to me,

There are usually at least a dozen things on my mind at a time, all competing for my attention. It's all school mostly... since september i have had an endless amount of strenuous assignments all at the same time, and one right after the other. Being in an art and design university, the studio classes are very hands on... and there are not many tests or exams. And don't get me wrong, i love it. It is just a huge challenge to balance all of your time, energy and effort into at least 5 projects at once... while working a part time job. And its a lot of pressure, when you mess up you have to start all over again. No backspace button, no spellcheck, no backup drives. So, you have to be really good at making something happen at the last minute... in case your final piece ends up looking like kindergartner did it.
(which happens more often then not, unfortunately.)

this is why it is incomprehensible to me, that in just four short days, i will be stress-free. I will have so much more spare time. No homework, assignments, research, critiques or presentations. nothing. Nothing?

 I wonder what Im going to do with it all.... all my spare time...

is it weird that the thought of having nothing to worry about, is stressing me out??

maybe i should make a summerlist. kinda like my happylist, but all the things i want to accomplish and do in the summer.  hopefully this will solve my issues. (?)....maybe?...

...or maybe Im just crazy.

back to homework! i can't think about this right now. ahaha


happylist. (the second)

1. That certain kind of light that comes in your window in the really early morning. 
2. Cupcakes.
3. Hearing other peoples cute love stories... especially old people's. 
4. Singing my message to my friends answering machines.
5. Listening to billie holiday while hanging around the house. or doing homework.
6. giving and receiving smiles from strangers.
7. Jones's cream soda. 
8. Homemade dinner's with my two best friends and roommates.
9. The feeling of going back home. 
10. My cottage. 

: )

UGHH i just realized how cheesy i am. embarrassing. but anyways Thank god its friday! (kinda)... no rest yet! but soon soon soon..... have plans to go out of town for the night with a few friends and then home to visit family for the rest of the weekend and finish up homework until sunday evening 
SOO.... until monday have a good weekend!!!  (or maybe i will sneak in a post on sunday who knows)... 

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something casual I would wear to school would be...

Im a jeans girl. I LOVE them. I never feel quite right when Im wearing something else. My favorite outfit consists of tight blue jeans, brown boots and a white t-shirt.... simple, i know. BUT i do love fashion, people would argue that Im not a very big 'fashionista' but i think i am in a sense that i love looking at what other people are wearing and keeping up to date with designers and their collections... Im just not a fussy person when it comes to dressing. I hate high maintenance clothes... so i tend to dress very simple. Its also not practical for me, being in an art school i tend to stain most things i own anyways with paint or whatever. On some nice occasions or evenings-out its still hard to pry me out of my jeans. I tend to try and pull off wearing 4 inch heels and a nicer top to dress them up a bit (my friends get mad at me for this, insisting i wear a skirt or dress... and i end up giving in to peer pressure ahaha). At the moment my favorite pair are a dark, inky blue American Eagle 'Jeggings'. I usually wear  belts to change up the look to keep the jeans from being boring. In the picture Im just wearing a simple white long sleeve tee with a vintage silk scarf (from paris!! :D )... and sometimes i will add jewelry as well. Fashionista or not, jeans will NEVER go out of style :)


milk rant.

okay. so... I am not what you would typically call a milk-drinker. I hate the idea of where milk comes from and how dirty it really is, not to mention the horrible industry behind it. But i know it's good for me,  so i drink it and i also LOVE cereal and of course cereal and milk are made for each other. OH and chocolate milk is fabulous too. But heres the thing... have you ever gotten out of bed hungry for breakfast, really excited about the big bowl of crunchy delicious cereal and perhaps the coffee that awaits you in the kitchen?... and so you poor your cereal and make a pot of coffee, grab a mug, spoon and bowl, open your laptop ready to update your facebook status or check e-mails... when you finally reach into the fridge to grab a nice cold carton of milk for your cereal and coffee, and..... WHAT!?? NO MILK!??....seriously!? ..... but, i have nothing else to eat! ...noooo :(. then the anger sets in. The dishes i have dirtied, and will now have to clean, for nothing. The effort put into making a pot of coffee, and then the hunger... i haven't gone grocery shopping in a while so i have nothing else to eat but cereal. dry cereal!?? really?? with black coffee??? ewww. Then i think, problem solving.... ill just get milk right now. But its not my turn... should i boycott buying it again?..until my other roommate buys it? but then i suffer too, then I have no milk for my cereal and the problem continues.... SO i ended up grabbing my sweater and rummaging through my change jar, walk down the street... andd purchasing a small little carton of 2%. I will never let this happen again, next time i will check for milk BEFORE i make coffee or pour cereal. and i will not assume that my roommates did it.  Sorry about this rant. I think Im just extra sensitive to these things in the morning. &  Im not mad anymore...  :)




p.s i have started cutting up my spring issues of nylon, vogue and zink (and although i feel horrible about it) i have some collages i made... to post soon.


i could do that... right?

I can't cook. Everyone who knows me, knows this. I don't know why, my best friend is a good cook my whole family are good cooks but for some strange reason that gene fell short with me, and i have yet to pick it up (or have the motivation to). The only meals i can make somewhat successfully and would actually serve to other people is perhaps my breakfasts. you know, the easy stuff like french toast, scrambled eggs, smoothies etc. BUT i can bake.  I don't do it very often because it is super time consuming, and costly... if your making good stuff and not only is it costly, but the ingredients you need such as almond flour or whatever always end up with an insufficient amount leftover so that it just sits in an unmarked plastic baggy and collects dust and when someone finally has a need to use it, and then they throw it out because they have no idea what it is or they don't have enough etc. Me and Kaitlin made a promise to each other that one day (when we have our multi-billion dollar empires under our power...kaitlin with an event planning, hotel owning, tourism-y thing etc and my designy-ness) we will open a bakery together... the cutest little cupcake and sweet shop ever.. baby pink all over. It would be called 'Icing on top"... of course i would be in charge of the design and Kaitlin, the recipe's. Ahhhh i talk too much. Im on my third coffee and its not even lunch yet! ..i guess thats what finals does to a girl. haha. anyways, Kaitlin brought these cute little bite sized cookies home about a month ago from her school's bakery...I might have blogged about it already, but i don't care i came across these this morning and had an overwhelming desire to try and make a few. So i thought it was worth a second post. It's too bad i have no time for certain hobbies like this one.... or is it? i might be the size of a whale if i did... ahahaha. Ahhhh anyways, enough distractions!... back to studying.


in the sun

Thats the same tree that i posted a few weeks ago, with the tiny little buds on it... now its all a pretty yellowy-greeny color. i love the look of the streets right now... bright, with lots of people walking around doing their own thing. Im going to ride my bike to work today :)


only one more thing on the list...

With cuba being only 2 weeks away (pretty much)... i don't really have anything else left to get. i have got all my bikinis, tanktops, dresses, shorts, sandals etc. BUT the most important thing is missing, SUNGLASSES. They are going to be worn almost everyday on this vacation and in the summertime...and i have absolutely zerrrooooo tolerance, attention and motivation to pick out a couple pairs that look good on me. every single pair i try on, look horrriblle... almost like a bad 80's rap video substituted with my loser self. like do i go for the wholee trendy, hipster, everybody else look and go for the Ray Ban Wayfarers that Olivia Palermo is wearing in the top picture???? or should i look like a giant bug and go for a morreee fashionistaa-ish, mod kinda look with the huge round bug eye ones that the olsen twins wear??? orr should i go for the badass, dont mess with me, cop-y kinda look that Taylor Momsen is wearing in the last picture?? ..... seee i don't know, and these are only three options there are tens of zillion kabillions, and bottom line is immm frustrated! SORRY about this rant. :)


puddle jumping scheduled for tomorrow.

I stumbled upon this bright leprechaun green trench coat on 'Because Magazine' by Vanessa Bruno and thought to myself how lovely it would be to splash around in all these puddles in this coat and my amazing sunshine yellow rubber boots and one of these multicolored umbrellas...... yeahhh maybe not.
 I might scare people with my blinding color palette.

But she makes me want to at least bust out my red lipstick (only for special occasions).... while wearing my yellow wellies mom got me.   

we'll see. maybe tomorrow....

april showers

This is exactly the color & mood that fills the room here when you turn off the fluorescent ceiling light. Its grey and gloomy...  kinda funny how the weather imitates my life at the moment. After a few health problems i am glad to say that i am feeling much better now (not %100 yet, but close). don't worry, no more fainting episodes ever. promise. Although because I was already behind on work.. now that i have been in bed for the last 4 days, i suurree haven't helped that situation. BUT i made a to do list and have slowly started tackling  the first few things which include cleaning my mess of a room.

I made a really yummy smoothy this morning which included pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, orange juice and yogurt. yayy.  

all i can say is that i hope April showers bring May flowers  :) 

picture link (here) 


24 more days!

YES! i cannot believe its April already! =) but boo because its going to be hell for the next 3 weeks with culminating assignments & matt is going to europe (urgg im jealous... and will miss him a lot!)i have my death exam the day before i leave for cuba! ahh im so scared. but wow... what a good time for a vacation right?? i leave in exactly 24 days... i reallly realllyyy can't wait (there is allready 3/4 of a suitcase packed up in my room) and about my last post... i was doing some research into She & Him's tour and they are stopping in toronto on June 9th!!!! but sadly... when i tried to get tickets... 'Unavailable'. :( booo. hopefullly they will play on MTV live so i can maybe buy tickets to the show?


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