so i made macarons... finally.

while at my dads on the weekend, i found the perfect opportunity to bake these little fussy french pastries. 

 (seeing as his stove actually has numbers on it, whereas ours has all of its temperature rubbed off from the decades that it has been around)

i have to say that these definitely take a full day out of your schedule, not too mention your full and utter attention at all times. one wrong move, and they are ruined. 

the recipe relies on its unique, light fluffy chewy texture that is extremely hard to capture if you are not a chef at laduree in Paris. 

mine still didn't turn out the way they should have.... but it was  SO CLOSE! 

next time they will be better, i promise. 

btw we made vanilla frambois buttercream flavor :)  

quite scrumptious. 

1 comment:

  1. they were pretty amazing!!!!!
    i loveeeeeeeeeee them <3 <3



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