sisters birthday- spring rolls

last saturday was my sisters birthday, and we went to dinner and a movie.
we ate at spring rolls at yonge & dundas square, we got cute little appetizers of 'tornado shrimp' that looked really strange, almost like little hairy shish-kabobs or something. the dipping sauce was yummy, but it was prettty messy to eat. for the main course, it was pad thai all around. they have a ton of different options to choose from (of course my sisters pad thai was vegetarian & my moms was curry).  Leslie also got a tiramisu birthday dessert (mmm..) 

I got her a book that is illustrated by our favorite artist, and then i inscribed on the inside front page a little message & then i hand wrapped it in yellow tissue and made a few little flowers and glued them on top and wrapped it up with some pretty ribbon.

 Kaitlin also made Leslie one of her beautiful handmade cards (hallmark should hire her, i swear.) complete with a sweet little message.

after that, we went to the starbucks lounge at indigo beside the movie theater. 
(i got a tall skinny cinnamon dolce latte, like always)
chit-chatted, then went to see the new scary movie with 
leonardo Dicaprio called Shutter Island. it was so twisted, and was never boring, which i like. 
really haunting though. like all movies with twists, you can usually guess what the twist is going to be... but there are a few of them in this movie, some of them me and my mom were able to guess, others not. 

they dropped me off back at my apartment and then leslie and all the girls went back to moms for a sleepover.

overall it was a nice night catching up with mom leslie. & i think she and her friends had fun taking manymany pictures : )

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