valentines day.....?

so... valentines day is fast approaching & i have no idea what to do.
typically, me and matt make pancakes together and thats about it.
we just enjoy the time together. and i love it. we don't do the typical
 cheesy "bleehhhhh"-stuff. we go by the whole; everyday should be 
valentines day' thing. but i can't help but think that i should be doing
 something a little bit more... a card maybe? Im not sure. but i am 
pretty sure he doesn't even know that its next week.  

:) hahahahah. 


  1. Hmm... Maybe you guys should go to all of your favorite places on the 14th. Start your day where you met, and then work your way around. Places you made memories. That should be cute but not cheesy. Who knows, maybe you fell and broke a bone in one of the locations. Doesn't necessarily have to be sooo cheesyballish. =) Love you <3

  2. i like nooshin's idea... but what comes to matt's remembering valentine's day, he's got a double whammy 1. chromosome deficiency (only one X) and 2. the rest of his genes (trust me on that one, i married one from the same gene pool) ;) ... matt is better than any commercially created valentine's day - with him you have 365 valentine's days a year :)



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