Hey lucy's & one forgotten camera :(

so, these pics are just from google, due to the fact that i forgot my camera on yet another one of our nightly escapades. 

Hey lucy's is located on king st. west downtown, and is our favorite place to go, whether we have nothing to do or just want to get out of the house.

they have great 4$ martinis on wednesdays, 5 wines for 5$ on thursdays, (a student has to keep these things in mind you know), awesome music and great little appetizers, like calamari. OH
and also, a deep fried cheesecake that i have yet to try (ahem, 'deep fried'...) but i am so tempted to every time.

me & kaitlin headed there after work & school to just hang out, seeing as we wont be seeing each other over the weekend because i will be out of town visiting my family.
 (i miss them so much!...& i can't wait to eat! hahaha) 

we also met up with some new friends, had a couple drinks.. and i was very upset about not having my camera with me. (which happens a lot unfortunately). i wanted to take pictures of there atmosphere/decor... they have handmade mirrors made out of soup cans, and art on there old brick walls and beautiful vintage chandeliers oh, and zebra printed couches. Im in love with this place.. hopefully i go back again soon, and take some REAL pictures. 

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  1. =) of all the blogs to pick to begin. lol =P imagine that , deep fried cheesecake sometime ?



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