...the loveliest 'pick-me-up'

 I have been feeling really down lately, and really stressed out... which is why yesterday was the perfect pick-me-up. Nooshin and I had scheduled a little brunch at la crepe cafe to catch up because we have not been seeing much of each other lately due to school and social lives being overly stressful in the past little while. i invited Kaitlin to come along too, so the three of us walked to the cute little cafe on queen and just sat, chitchatted and caught up with eachother. we sat there for a few hours with our coffee and crepes (although i did not get a crepe i got a bocconcini and tomato sandwich instead... still, just as delicious) and we just caught up. which is so nice to have friends like that and i am so thankful to have a good handful of friends like that... although we may drift apart for a while we know that its not because we want to, and that we will always be friends no matter what.... and be able to call each other to hang out or help get each others minds off of things. we then headed over to the eatons center for a quick browse around, (we cant shop we are too broke hahaha) we could just window shop... and spend some of the gift cards we have not used since we got them at christmas. Nooshin got a beautiful fluttery, coral colored tunic from aritzia, and kaitlin got a very flattering white, rouched tube top from Abercrombie&Fitch. we laughed and just spent time together, which is nice. we are so silly together, crazy moments are in abundance and i always find people staring at us because we are laughing so hard. (or when kaitlin knocks someone in the face with a clothes hanger, hahahh). then we decided to get our eyebrows done (seeing as mine had started to look like caterpillars were making a home out of my forehead or something) hahaha. We went to L'attitudes in the mall and wowwww did it hurt to get them waxed. jeeeze. but she did a great job...and it was the perfect day to go there too because they were giving away gift bags filled with all kidns of goodies like a magazine, tons of gum, sebastien hair products, coupons, gift certificates, a razor etc. so we really got our moneys worth i'd say (hich is important to students like us).... then me and kaitlin came home, made a yummy yummy dinner, chicken and pasta.... and the 3 roommates (kaitlin, jenny and I)...  then finished the day off with not only cheesecake...but cheesecake WITH strawberries... WHILE watching greys anatomy & cuddling. 

girl talk, shopping, lots of comfort food, and laughs, beauty time, best friends and Greys Anatomy!!??

what more could i ask for    xox


  1. I love you <3
    This made me cry a little. Godddd. Such girls! :)

  2. hahaha :) i know... i kinda wrote an essay about it. LOL



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