web finds: littledoe is love.

the top picture is Chase Cohl in her beautiful city loft .. a new york hipster 'it girl'
who is originally from Toronto. She's a university poetry major, a singer in the cowboy folk band Weepaw along with her brother (Liam Cohl) & her best friend (Duncan Davies), oh and did i forget to mention she also has her own accessories label called little Doe is Love, Oh, & that she is only 21!??? 

i must say, that i want to be photographed wearing one of these delicate, intricate & handmade little headdresses. except that there prices range between $200-$400...sadly. Due to the fact that they are made from the finest antique materials. 

i go to art school...maybe i could try to make my own? 

...nah. it would probably end up looking like a gluey-sticky mess with feathers all stuck in my hair. 

but i find it amazing that her whole following started with her, giving away these handmade crafts as birthday gifts for friends. 

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