24 more days!

YES! i cannot believe its April already! =) but boo because its going to be hell for the next 3 weeks with culminating assignments & matt is going to europe (urgg im jealous... and will miss him a lot!)i have my death exam the day before i leave for cuba! ahh im so scared. but wow... what a good time for a vacation right?? i leave in exactly 24 days... i reallly realllyyy can't wait (there is allready 3/4 of a suitcase packed up in my room) and about my last post... i was doing some research into She & Him's tour and they are stopping in toronto on June 9th!!!! but sadly... when i tried to get tickets... 'Unavailable'. :( booo. hopefullly they will play on MTV live so i can maybe buy tickets to the show?

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