i could do that... right?

I can't cook. Everyone who knows me, knows this. I don't know why, my best friend is a good cook my whole family are good cooks but for some strange reason that gene fell short with me, and i have yet to pick it up (or have the motivation to). The only meals i can make somewhat successfully and would actually serve to other people is perhaps my breakfasts. you know, the easy stuff like french toast, scrambled eggs, smoothies etc. BUT i can bake.  I don't do it very often because it is super time consuming, and costly... if your making good stuff and not only is it costly, but the ingredients you need such as almond flour or whatever always end up with an insufficient amount leftover so that it just sits in an unmarked plastic baggy and collects dust and when someone finally has a need to use it, and then they throw it out because they have no idea what it is or they don't have enough etc. Me and Kaitlin made a promise to each other that one day (when we have our multi-billion dollar empires under our power...kaitlin with an event planning, hotel owning, tourism-y thing etc and my designy-ness) we will open a bakery together... the cutest little cupcake and sweet shop ever.. baby pink all over. It would be called 'Icing on top"... of course i would be in charge of the design and Kaitlin, the recipe's. Ahhhh i talk too much. Im on my third coffee and its not even lunch yet! ..i guess thats what finals does to a girl. haha. anyways, Kaitlin brought these cute little bite sized cookies home about a month ago from her school's bakery...I might have blogged about it already, but i don't care i came across these this morning and had an overwhelming desire to try and make a few. So i thought it was worth a second post. It's too bad i have no time for certain hobbies like this one.... or is it? i might be the size of a whale if i did... ahahaha. Ahhhh anyways, enough distractions!... back to studying.

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  1. yeah, get your nose back into your books. lol, you should bake in the summer? maybe not daily haha, that wouldnt go well with a bathing suit but it would be fun to do it once in awhile :)



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