only one more thing on the list...

With cuba being only 2 weeks away (pretty much)... i don't really have anything else left to get. i have got all my bikinis, tanktops, dresses, shorts, sandals etc. BUT the most important thing is missing, SUNGLASSES. They are going to be worn almost everyday on this vacation and in the summertime...and i have absolutely zerrrooooo tolerance, attention and motivation to pick out a couple pairs that look good on me. every single pair i try on, look horrriblle... almost like a bad 80's rap video substituted with my loser self. like do i go for the wholee trendy, hipster, everybody else look and go for the Ray Ban Wayfarers that Olivia Palermo is wearing in the top picture???? or should i look like a giant bug and go for a morreee fashionistaa-ish, mod kinda look with the huge round bug eye ones that the olsen twins wear??? orr should i go for the badass, dont mess with me, cop-y kinda look that Taylor Momsen is wearing in the last picture?? ..... seee i don't know, and these are only three options there are tens of zillion kabillions, and bottom line is immm frustrated! SORRY about this rant. :)

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  1. girl! everybody looks good in ray ban wayfarers, but you could pull off something a lil bigger like taylor. check h&m first then sunglass hut, dont be frustrated, have fun!



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