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So, I haven't posted any of my own art or photography (besides little snapshots) in a long time... So i thought i would upload some photos i have been taking to show that i haven't done absolutely nothing all summer. I do go to an art school...yeeesh. haha. I have been experimenting with really low-grade quality cameras because i kinda like the raw effects it brings out like disposables, or webcams for example. They are much more gritty. (plus i have been kinda living out of a backpack all summer and there is not a lot of room for big fancy cameras) Sometimes you just gotta make do with what you've got.

& yes thats me, and yes that is vintage floral wallpaper. I was at my dads 100 year(ish) old farmhouse. and yes that is a flesh toned bra. Intentionally unsexy, unprovocative. haha

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