green bean.

I used to be very environmentally aware and conscious of my impact on the earth. I sort of let go of those cares a little bit when school and work and MY life became more important then recycling, composting and unplugging. But I am in a sustainability class this semester and I have really had a change of heart as to what is important. In the class we are basically a group of little activists at our school, doing hands on designing of all things green at school (water bottle program, organic food program, electronics recycling etc.) promoting and creating an outlet so that the students become more aware of how easy the school makes it to be green. I also had to make a list of things that i would do to be more green. ( it has to be not going to put impossible standards on myself).

1. Become a weekday vegetarian*  (first week a success!) 
 It explains all the benefits, and everything you will be doing to help the environment, world hunger, and the treatment of animals.

2. Walk as much as possible. (easy peasy- I already do.)

3. No more plastic. (water bottles, grocery/produce bags, individually wrapped convenience food etc.)
this is very difficult unless you have a reusable water canteen and a reusable coffee mug.... proud to say I have used both all week!

4. Eating more organic and locally grown food. It's expensive, hard to find and sometimes there are fakes!! did you know that the average american dinner has travelled at least 1,400 miles? (thats a lot of unnecessary transportation, and 'middlemen'). Pesticides are killing countless species of plants and wildlife.

5. Unplug. turning off all lights when not in use, and unplugging appliances that are not on. 

6. Recycle & Compost. Make serious use of the green bin and the recycling bin. (easyyyyy)

:) happy earthing, fellow beans. 

P.S go listen to some of The Black Keys. They are GOOD. Really good.

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  1. This is a good at work we have gone a little further. We have a container of earth worms and we feed them our compost (bananas and coffee grinds). They don't smell or anything. And we have cups of cider vinegar and dish soap to kill the fruit flies.



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