lights & stars

more (& more) holiday posts! ..yay.
Me and my roommates have taken our small amounts of spare time to turn our apartment into winter wonderland. Garlands, wreaths, bows, glitter, snowflakes etc. We stayed up the other night obsessively cutting out the perfect little white snowflakes to string around the apartment, we ended up hanging them in the living room window... so it looks like its always snowing! :) You can see Charlie hopping around in the bottom corner of the last photo... cuutiee pie. 

ALSO!, I have got my name mentioned on a blog of caliber for the first time! (although not for my blogging talents) but for a giveaway that I won, HURRAY! 

I won a piece of jewelry from The parliament of two. Thanks to the quite dapper Bedlam of beefy.

heres the giveaway post! HERE & HERE.   (omg look it says my name & blog! gahhh) 

p.s I chose the bunny brooch of course :)

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