frenglish toast..mmm..

i took my day off to sleep in, and make some
amateur french toast (a.k.a 'frenglish' toast) & fruit smoothies (thank you, magic bullet).
we didn't have enough normal bread, soooo i made the english muffins useful. hahaha.
english muffins + french toast = frenglish toast! & my new favorite thing. 

matt seemed to like them, but Im not sure if he was just lying for my sake..... 

either way, a lovely way to spend my day off  

& then later tonight is girls night!   =)


  1. so very cuuute...
    ps. i just called you to apologize if i woke u up last night!!! ahh im so sorry hun!! ill be back home sunday afternoon if youll be around?

  2. you take some awesome pictures, miss



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