thought of the day #04

i hate promises. MATT promised to take me to the drive-in... 2 years ago! and it still hasn't happened!!.. but technically, he can still take me, one day.  i just doubt that day is ever going to come.  hahaha.   "will you ever just let it go??" he says. but NO i will not because i believe promises are sacred. especially pinky promises. 

promises, sometimes for taking out the garbage, "i promise i will do it after work"
sometimes for something more serious. like, "i promise one day we will be together" 
then there are the promises we make but we know we can't keep;  "everything will be okay"
" i will never hurt you" .... we KNOW we can't keep them, but we say them anyways. 

why do we make promises we can't keep?? 

1 comment:

  1. AHAHAHA "will you just let it go??!"

    love that one.

    i still haven't been to the drive-in either...

    as for the promises we can't keep. i totally agree with you.
    i do it so much without even noticing...
    our words have become feathery and not as meaningful



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