Happy Birthday Leslie!!

Happy birthday to my beautiful little sister Leslie who turns 15 today!
we are going to dinner & a movie with mom & some of Leslie's closest friends. 
im so excited i miss mom and sissy so much! 

and isn't it a little bit creepy that Im always on the left, and she's on the right in all the pictures??? 

a birthday note:

Dear little sister,

i love you so so so much you couldn't even imagine. and i could never put it into words.
i hope we always have crazy moments & laugh our heads off... even when we are 85 together.
please keep visiting me in my squishy downtown apartment, because i miss you so much!

and don't think that i have forgotten about our trip to paris when you turn 18 (or was it 16?)

p.s please don't kill me for the last picture.... hahaha its just tooooo funny to NOT put up.
 (i replay the video in my head and the "just wake me up laterr when your wrapping presseennttss")

Love your older sister/ mommy sometimes,



  1. we have always been the best of friends, from day one. Andwe always will be. thankyou and im soo exited !


  2. You two are the best daughter's a mom could ever have. XO



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