thought of the day #11

i made this one. 

i love this quote.
i tend to stare at celebrities and girls that are prettier or more successful than me 
and sadly wish i was them. but i know i shouldn't.  no one should.

i know I'm kinda cool inside    :)     ...... (kinda)


  1. ok - now i know how it feels to be 18 BUT i can tell you so much - you already are more (inside and outside) than any of the celebrities i know of and i'm not quite sure what do see in the mirror but it's kinda hard to be prettier than you (maybe you should get your inner goggles checked)... anyways i have seldom seen so much great potential in a person as i can see in you - so keep on investigating the world and your thoughts, because this world is all open and you have great paths to travel - you do not seem to be a follower and it's always harder to find your way without ready made paths, but it's much more fun that way...

  2. BTW cool good-looking person - the pic you created is really cool, you just need to follow your own preachings ;)

  3. You are really good looking yourself and by not looking at celebrities but going all the way in expressing yourself, you will become a person who has the same potential as all those celebrities have. It's a nice quote by the way, I love Kurt Cobain.
    Also, I started following you today thanks to NetworkedBlogs.



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