a little thing i made...

an assignment i did today... to make a cd cover. i had to take a figure drawing done in class, and convey the feeling, idea & emotion of a song of my choice, abstract it and incorporate a musical instrument that plays in the song. 

& i just realized now that i made a huge mistake (and already handed it in... oops): That song by feist has no piano in it. hahahaha, originally i was going to do that song, but i didn't know what instrument to do, so i changed it to Regina Spektor- Samson..... but clearly, i wrote the wrong song title. 

i guess thats what i get for leaving my homework until 2 hours before its due. 
will i ever learn?

1 comment:

  1. hhahh, wow. nice going, your so human :) just smile. The colours are great!



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