thought of the day #01

so this is the first thought of the day, im going to start doing this post daily. 
obscure scribbling's on ripped scrap paper, penciled on a table, carved into a wall somewhere. 
most of the pics are found from the post secret pool on flickr.

one of them really got me, it was etched into a subway tunnel wall in sweden & it said "There's a hole in my heart the shape of my 15 year old sister, & i miss her everyday."
as for this photo: creating your own problems, dwelling over things insignificant, unnecessary things, superficial things. sometimes you can be responsible for your own sadness & you may or may not blame everything else around you. & you may or may not realize it. 

1 comment:

  1. you so hit the nail on the head... if we started being more focused on other people and trying to help their issues, we might feel happier and feel slightly less hollow... and some of our own problems might just fall into the right perspective or even vanish...



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