thought of the day #14

i saw this and i thought it would be a good thought of the day because people walk through life thinking they have it so bad, but when you look around and see all of the devastation going on in other parts of the world, it can seem surreal to you because your HERE. 
here in this privileged world.  truth is, that there is not as much wrong with you as you think there is. and im not saying that im not guilty of this. because i am sometimes. and what i like to do is list all the things that are wrong with me or stressing me out and then when i look at the list i usually feel stupid afterwards because half of the things on the list are just silly. and i feel really liberated afterwards because i realize that i live a truly gifted life. and Im so blessed. 

and no matter how bad you think you have it.... someone else always has it 10 times worse. 

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