5 more days...

So, its not officially the first day of spring until saturday the 20th...
but look at these buds blooming on the tree in my backyard 
(well, technically in the other peoples backyard...i have no trees, or a backyard... just a fire escape... sadly.)

and with the weather being 14 degrees & sunny... i am loving it.
i have been wanting to go out almost every night. (i don't know if this has anything to do with spring or not)
i have been opening our back door in our kitchen as often as possible to let the nice breeze inside the stuffy apartment that has been kept locked up tight, heaters blasting all winter. 
& i am SO HAPPY to say that i just finished my spring cleaning :)

it smells fresh, like rain kinda. it always smells like rain in the spring. 
& plus! i have an excuse to wear my bright yellow rubber boots! hahaha  :) 


  1. You sound like a little bird twitter patting - setting up her nest for her eggs....spring fever is here. Love this post.XO

  2. omg twitter patting? mother is that a bambi reference? REALLY?? LOLL

  3. Yep, straight from Disney's orignal Bambi. You made me watch it so many times I remember the words. I'll stop now.

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