milk rant.

okay. so... I am not what you would typically call a milk-drinker. I hate the idea of where milk comes from and how dirty it really is, not to mention the horrible industry behind it. But i know it's good for me,  so i drink it and i also LOVE cereal and of course cereal and milk are made for each other. OH and chocolate milk is fabulous too. But heres the thing... have you ever gotten out of bed hungry for breakfast, really excited about the big bowl of crunchy delicious cereal and perhaps the coffee that awaits you in the kitchen?... and so you poor your cereal and make a pot of coffee, grab a mug, spoon and bowl, open your laptop ready to update your facebook status or check e-mails... when you finally reach into the fridge to grab a nice cold carton of milk for your cereal and coffee, and..... WHAT!?? NO MILK!??....seriously!? ..... but, i have nothing else to eat! ...noooo :(. then the anger sets in. The dishes i have dirtied, and will now have to clean, for nothing. The effort put into making a pot of coffee, and then the hunger... i haven't gone grocery shopping in a while so i have nothing else to eat but cereal. dry cereal!?? really?? with black coffee??? ewww. Then i think, problem solving.... ill just get milk right now. But its not my turn... should i boycott buying it again?..until my other roommate buys it? but then i suffer too, then I have no milk for my cereal and the problem continues.... SO i ended up grabbing my sweater and rummaging through my change jar, walk down the street... andd purchasing a small little carton of 2%. I will never let this happen again, next time i will check for milk BEFORE i make coffee or pour cereal. and i will not assume that my roommates did it.  Sorry about this rant. I think Im just extra sensitive to these things in the morning. &  Im not mad anymore...  :)

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