Apartment therapy.

I have a design sense of mind. I tend to like small details and strong concepts.
I LOVE these interiors because of their charm, character and style.
not too modern, yet not traditional. stylish, yet home-y. (the list goes on)

There are a few similarities between them that you may notice,
and i am obviously a huge fan of. Including;

1. Unique lines and curves, interesting sense of space.
for example in pictures 2, 3 & 4 you see organic lines juxtaposing with hard, straight lines. Arched doorways and cascading overhead beams. 

2. open, airy & un-claustrophobic.
yet still intimate.

3. warm, cheery colors.

4. & windows, OH the windows. (i swoon)
large and open, letting a ton of light in.

I also notice ONE more thing about them that they all have in common, one thing in which i envy so much, envy enough to maybe even be inspired... they are all CLEAN. 

i HAVE to do something about the current state of my room.. (not to say that my apartment is in any way comparable to the photos above).. but i know that it could look ten times better if i just cleaned it up.
in fact i have already started... spring summer cleaning has started. 

1 comment:

  1. the one of the all white room is amazing-- although it might be hard to keep it so pristine.
    love the blog bb, keep up the good work!



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