cottage bound

Sooo, my long weekend plans include: the cottage, the cottage & the bachelorette (go alli woot! woot!)
anyways, i am so excited because i haven't been up to the cottage in so long. its going to be nice seeing as it is the place i consider "home".. i have been coming up every summer, fall and (some) winters since i was born...i pretty much grew up there. And no matter how many times me and my sister have moved houses with our divorced parents... the cottage is the one place that always stays the same. :)
my grandpa built it yeeeaaaarrrsss ago with his bare hands!

OH yes. and on monday... bachelorette starts with Ali as the new lady, i love her!... Jake didn't deserve her, he's a dirtbag and is as boring as a thumbtack. i saw some cute vancouver boys in the trailor. which are soo much more her type. YAY monday.


  1. hiiii.

    hope you have a blast.
    stay safe, and make sure nooshin wears her water wings :)
    don't obsess over the bachelorette boys too much !



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