Im back now, missing cuba. I am proud to say that i accomplished everything on my list... and a few more. met a couple new friends... and enjoyed endless sun. (and endless beer).  theres a picture of the seashells i collected and the sailboat/catamaran we went on one day and a flower (along with many) that the lovely towel boy gave me and my mom every morning :). The locals are so friendly and welcoming. the other picture is me and mom, and a sunset.

p.s there will be a lot more cuba posts to follow this one!
p.p.s sorry if it gets annoying!

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  1. Hi Lilly (Amanda?) .. some lovely pics - looks like you had a terrific time, can't wait to see more .. take another look at my blogs, as I too am on an adventure abroad - with pretty much the same objectives as you haha .. and feel free to sign on .. thanks, KW {;o)



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