a cubalist & a farewell.


1. Take a zillion photos.
2. Relax, catch up on downtime i have lacked from the last 8 months.
3. Drink a lot of pina coladas. mm... huzzah!
4. Bring running shoes, go running and exercise with mom.
5. Get up everyday to watch the sunrise. (or maybe at least one morning..haha)
6. Forget everything and everyone that have been bringing me down.
7. Read. Enjoy reading a book. A book besides a text book, for once.
8. Tan. soak up the sun... (although no doubt about it i will also come back with a burn)
9. Swim in the ocean, everyday.
10. Recuperate from the whirlwind fall and winter semesters. 

Wish i wasn't leaving such beautiful weather behind here in toronto.  When i come back i will be saying goodbye to my best friend and roommate the day after i return, a going away party, as she leaves for a special job opportunity at a resort up north. And i will be saying hello and welcoming a new roommate... who i haven't met yet. but Im sure she will be nice. 
Anyways i will be gone until the second of May.
Until then, Goodbye lovelies. xoxo 

p.s photos via weheartit 


  1. I teared up a bit. I know you're only leaving for a week, but I'm gonna miss you so much :(
    Whatever will I do without my other half!?!?! Woe is me. Sadface.
    Love you hunny bun sugar plum!!! <3

  2. i will miss you my other third....

    <3 im emotional right now cuz i just got back from the bar from kait.
    and ppl fed me shots . lol
    missed you...

    looking forward to our cute lunch,



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