rainy day rant.

Dear Citizens of Toronto,

     Hello there, my name is Amanda. I would just like to speak out on something that has grown to concern me greatly. I was just interested to know why you all insist on carrying your umbrella's in the fashion in which you do. I am not sure if anyone has brought this to your attention before, but I find you very violent and inconsiderate. Yesterday I almost got my left and right eye (on multiple occasions) jabbed out by the cheap and dangerous metal spokes protruding from your umbrellas. In the case in which this would have happened and if I had not defended myself with the best of my self-defense ability... I would have been blinded. Not to mention decapitated. I am urging more of you to start wearing rain jackets with hoods. This would allow you to see where your going and to NOT severely injure civilians as you briskly walk to wherever you do so need. If you do not stop these violent acts in which I am forced to face every time it rains... I WILL be forced to take further action. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you take my requests into serious consideration (mostly for your own health benefits).


p.s  be sure to pause the music in the ipod nano mixpod on the left-hand sidebar if it's making the reading difficult.



  1. amazing.
    you tell em girl

  2. LOL. This made my day. No throwing people onto the busy streets of downtown toronto now... :)

  3. you're some kind of amazing :)
    <3 xo



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