reusable vs. disposable

So, I have not used a paper cup in at least two weeks. I have been using a reusable water bottle and a reusable coffee mug for all my drinks while out. It has been SO easy. I didn't think it was going to be so easy. but it was. YAY :). Not to mention it's actually cheaper!  

If you look at the celebrities in these photos, its kinda pathetic right?  Like why is drinking out of these paper cups (not necessarily Star-bucks...any coffe cups.) so 'trendy'?  what is so 'trendy' about it? is it the status you gain? by being able to walk around proudly with your five dollar coffee?  In downtown Toronto, everyone you see on the streets are walking around with coffee cups held out in front of them, leading them to there destination. Zombies. 

I used to buy an average of two paper-cup drinks a day, so, tea etc. Thats 14 cups a week. Thats 730 cups a YEAR. All from just little old me. just me. Imagine, adding up everybody else's on top of mine. 

And somehow, we just throw these cups away in the garbage without thinking about it, as if it just disappears (WOW, magic!). When really it doesn't.  

If everyone just tried switching to reusable instead of disposable... imagine how much less cups would be thrown into landfills each year? 

P.S Don't give in to the 'recycled/green/post-consumer fiber' jargon you see written on some coffee cups claiming that they are environmentally friendly or recycled. Because what most people don't know is that canada actually does not have enough paper supplies or the industry to recycle our own waste, we must export, import and transport... creating an ongoing cycle of wasteful behaviors impacting the environment. Because, if your coffee cup is being flown over from across the world on a gas guzzling jet... who cares if its recycled? isn't that worse?


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