sleepless in the city.

Don't you just hate it when you are happy, content and on top of things...
you feel like all the shit life has put you through in the past, is completely behind you...
your over it. Its all good. forgiven and forgotten. whatever. no big deal.
your feelin all like Jessica.

and then, you go to sleep.

you sleep, and you end up having dreams and nightmares that make you stressed and upset when you wake up. whether it be about that test, making rent or that person.... Making you feel disoriented, polar opposite of how you feel when the sun is out. when your awake and alert.

but as soon as your unconscious and you reach that third realm of deep sleep. These things that you have driven out of your head just come waltzing back in... no big deal.


I'll just never sleep?

photo by me of me from an old post

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