happylist (deuxième)

1. When a song randomly comes on my ipod when it's on shuffle, that describes my current mood or situation perfectly. (and no I am not one of those people that puts it in their Facebook status.)

2. When the sun is at that perfect spot in the sky, that it fills my entire room with the prettiest kind of light. (usually around 4:40pm these days)

3. Jellybellies, and mixing all the different flavours together to make awesome combos, (my favourite is one bubble gum, one fruit punch..mmm...).

4. Spontaneous karaoke sessions with my sister... or random 90's dance party's with my closest friends when we are in the middle of studying.

5. Glass of wine before bedtime with mom.

6. Prematurely (and not seriously) planning my perfect wedding and all the details (ahem... how embarrassing, Im 19 and single)...I just like to sit and think of these things while watching shows like 'Say yes to the dress'. Im a girl okay. I may or may not have a secret folder on my computer with all my inspiration photos collected from

7. My family's extremely loud and obnoxious dinner table conversations.

8. 'Canadian-ness'...  In the form of: Maple syrup tapped from the trees at my cottage, skating on the lake or homemade rink in my dads backyard, Tim Hortons, Snowmobiling, bonfires, hockey, Bare-Naked Ladies and the Tragically hip, Tobogganing/Toboozing, KD with ketchup, om nom nom.

9. Stretching. exercise.

10. Breakfast... always. (making it, eating it...I wish every time was breakfast time)

yayyy happy.



  1. Check this awesome wedding blog out:
    (this makes me wanna get creative with mine, even though I want a really small one)

  2. yeah i want a small one too, at my cottage...closest family and friends. but some awesome music and handmade decor. and flowers! and foooooooood!



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