Sunshine. Here one minute, gone the next.

lovely, yet brief...

Dear, mother nature
giving us one day of Spring in February was too...
a.) tease us
b.) freak us out
c.) give us a taste of whats (hopefully) soon to come


That very same day of experiencing plus ten degree sunshine, I found myself driving home at night in a blizzard. I mean, I am definitely not one to get my hopes up too high because I know very well that here in Canada and in Ontario especially... whenever you think spring is here and the snow is gone for good or is at least on the outs, there is always (seriously, always.) one more white out, snow day, snow squall. Whatever. Winter just seems to linger. I yelled at my family for opening the door and leaving just the screen exposed. "It's still winter outside! turn the heat back on forgodssake!". But I couldn't help but open my window all the way for a few minutes and just breath in that intoxicating scent of spring.

Here one minute, Gone the next.

{me by my window and the sun shining right on in}

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