Oscar favourite: Mila Kunis

What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't blog (at least a little bit) about the Oscars?! High fashion is not my expertise, although i can definitely let you know who my fave was. Although everyone in the entire blogosphere is doing the same thing...bloggers gotta do what a bloggers gotta do! haha. They happened just last night and bashfully, I admit to going to sleep at a wimpy 7:00 due to a crazy weekend and wicked headache. So therefore I missed the actual awards show... and what a shame too, because my husband (James Franco) *wink*wink was hosting alongside the always beautiful Anne Hathaway.

This dress by Elie Saab caught my eye the most. Love the cut, colour, shape and all that lacey, drapey texture in all the right places. The understated silver and diamond accessories are perfect along with the nude toned clutch and nail polish. Pastels can sometimes be hard to wear on certain skin tones because it washes a lot of people out, but her slightly olive skin tone is actually complimented by it. This is a colour and style I think we will be seeing a lot of come spring.


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