thought of the day #03

i don't really know what to think of this one... for some reason i think the person who wrote it meant it in a negative sense like,  coming from the words of grandparents, 
"those darn fat teens and there technology ipods and such making there brains turn to mush" yattaa yattayatta....
but i don't think teens have changed that much, it used to be muscle cars & milk shakes, drive-ins and burger joints (you remember Grease), dances & concerts, and now its anything and everything in between. sure we have ipods and cellphones & an exponentially growing virtual world ... but technology isn't ALL bad. my graphic design professor believes that technology is an extension of ones self- and in turn there expression & creativity. 
take this blog for example... like sure i could be outside hanging out in the fresh air, but im not because it is cold outside and i would rather sit here in peace, writing & thinking, expressing my thoughts. that so bad? it might be. i have a cottage, i love to swim and play in the sun, i dance (i used too, not too long ago & very much). i prefer to talk to people in person then on the computer. or even the phone. the internet connects us all and gives us access to constant and ever-flowing ideas

 and i don't know, i guess what i am saying is that todays youth should not let our mobile devices, virtual worlds and avatars (facebook profiles, bloggs) live our lives for us, but instead they should be a creative extension of ourselves. a tool. nothing more nothing less. 


  1. Amen to that :)
    this is why i cant WAIT to go back on vacation somewhere!
    i lived without my blackberry for 7 whole days in dominican :)
    xo, jen

  2. There are alot of us who use technology to create rather than just sit back and consume and I think that that's what a lot of the 'back in my day yadda yadda' people miss.

    Nice post.

  3. Funny enough - I thought the poster and its message were positive... I see today's youth more aware of issues, more engaged in social activism than youth has been for a long time (since the labour movement like 100 years ago - if ever) ... I think the new technology has 'democratized' information in a revolutionary way - more common folks have access to more information than ever before... ok there are some negative side effects until people rediscover that physical activity produces some awesome endorphins and other goody-goodies and gives a natural high + makes you brainwork better... but in general, it's the youth I have faith in, that is going to make the needed difference in this world - too many old farts are lost cases (their mind was stuck in the yuppy me-me-me 80's)... u'r totally right about the technology, it's a tool - and it's a REALLY cool tool... if we use it right, we will turn this ship towards the right direction... :)

  4. i like your blog... very good!



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