thought of the day #02

this one is kinda funny. I guess we all have those little things we hold on to no matter what. for me, its my stuffed beanie dog that looks like snoopy from peanuts... his name is cuppy & i still sleep with him. (i guess thats one of my post-secrets). There is always that little piece of us that does not want to grow up. sometimes we are forced too quickly into growing up, sometimes people never grow up. sometimes people parade it around, like celebrities getting drastic plastic surgery in order to look as if they haven't grown up. "look how young i look"... but i guess age doesn't necessarily have to do with how 'grown up' you are. is maturity a whole different thing? another embarrassing thing is that i am often caught saying things like ' when i grow up....' and i am 18 and living on my own. then people shoot me this weird look and then i quickly correct myself: 'when i get older....'

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  1. when my mom turned 50 (and that sounds pretty grown-up to me), she said "all these years i've been waiting for that grown-up feeling and it hasn't happened, so i guess it's time to stop waiting"... i think maturity is sorta more like taking responsibility for your actions - and you can have that at 18 - but i still have my old donkey that has followed me everywhere to all the strange places in the world and that i used to sleep with when i felt lost and lonely - it has almost no fur left and i did bite its nose off way back when (the present nose is a piece of old jeans that my mom repaired it with), but that just adds to its sentimental value. so you're not alone with your funny habits ;)



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