Does anyone know what kind of tree this is!?? ughh its so pretty. And that bench!? i just want to sit there in a pretty dress and read something jane austin while sipping tea. ahaha. maybe i should... i love my area of town, because you go around a corner expecting there to be nothing but a grungy alleyway or  parking lot, but then you find this. my street is the best street in toronto. old couches on porches with guys playing the guitar singing some hipster bands music... small little cafes with the walls decorated from floor to ceiling with local art... kensington market around the corner, the other day there was even a man playing the accordion outside of the little video shop while a fold-down tv screen played an old film noir. I sure hope i don't have to leave this place anytime soon.

unless its to cuba... (2 more sleeps until friday!)

** & mom just informed me that this is a magnolia tree... new favorite flower.


  1. This is gorgeous! I love your area. I wanna move in with you :(

  2. photos are amazing, as usual

  3. so.
    i have this tree on my street, we bond well.
    being a legitimate creeper i stare, alot.

    but today , i wanted to capture that moment.
    and that i did

  4. thank you mom for pointing that out. magnolia <3

    thank you anonymous :)

    and as your you 'hall & oats'... (ahem.. seb) lolll
    that picture is gorgeous!! :D



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