I find it so unimaginable that i am going to have absolutely nothing to worry about in only 4 days.

its finals, the last week of first year. (ahem, lack of blogging)...
and i have been working hard trying to keep focused.

Its just so weird to me,

There are usually at least a dozen things on my mind at a time, all competing for my attention. It's all school mostly... since september i have had an endless amount of strenuous assignments all at the same time, and one right after the other. Being in an art and design university, the studio classes are very hands on... and there are not many tests or exams. And don't get me wrong, i love it. It is just a huge challenge to balance all of your time, energy and effort into at least 5 projects at once... while working a part time job. And its a lot of pressure, when you mess up you have to start all over again. No backspace button, no spellcheck, no backup drives. So, you have to be really good at making something happen at the last minute... in case your final piece ends up looking like kindergartner did it.
(which happens more often then not, unfortunately.)

this is why it is incomprehensible to me, that in just four short days, i will be stress-free. I will have so much more spare time. No homework, assignments, research, critiques or presentations. nothing. Nothing?

 I wonder what Im going to do with it all.... all my spare time...

is it weird that the thought of having nothing to worry about, is stressing me out??

maybe i should make a summerlist. kinda like my happylist, but all the things i want to accomplish and do in the summer.  hopefully this will solve my issues. (?)....maybe?...

...or maybe Im just crazy.

back to homework! i can't think about this right now. ahaha


  1. Hahahaa. Youuu would stress about not having to stress. You'll be at ease when you're in Cuba girlie! You deserve it. It's been an interesting year :)
    Love you! <3

  2. thats what i did last summer, i was hanging out with me friends on our last few days of school and we made a summer list. anything we wanted to do that summer :). You might not even be able to do half of them.. but its exciting to do, and you can always look back on it to see if you did any of them, and if you did, how much fun they were :)



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