happylist. (the second)

1. That certain kind of light that comes in your window in the really early morning. 
2. Cupcakes.
3. Hearing other peoples cute love stories... especially old people's. 
4. Singing my message to my friends answering machines.
5. Listening to billie holiday while hanging around the house. or doing homework.
6. giving and receiving smiles from strangers.
7. Jones's cream soda. 
8. Homemade dinner's with my two best friends and roommates.
9. The feeling of going back home. 
10. My cottage. 

: )

UGHH i just realized how cheesy i am. embarrassing. but anyways Thank god its friday! (kinda)... no rest yet! but soon soon soon..... have plans to go out of town for the night with a few friends and then home to visit family for the rest of the weekend and finish up homework until sunday evening 
SOO.... until monday have a good weekend!!!  (or maybe i will sneak in a post on sunday who knows)... 

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  1. I can agree with most of these :) <3

  2. <3 dinner with your two best friends and rrooomates!!!
    *fist heart heart heart fist*

  3. 8. Homemade dinner's with my two best friends and roommates.

    <3 <3 <3 !! *fist heart heart fist*

  4. hahaha aww jenn ...diddo heart fisting.* lol

  5. oh... you approve comments before they show up ??
    LOL no wonder. i was like WHEREEEEEE IS MY COMMENT
    lol :)
    so ignore the second one



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