Crush: Rock n' Roll me, Springsteen...


Theres just something about those musicians. I have this love of all old music for some reason... and Bruce Springsteen. Ahaha. Eeeep! He's so dreamy. And that song... gets me smiling every time, I mean... you just want to join in on that snappy dance move he does at about 0:53 seconds in. Im just saying, I think we would be perfect together. Maybe in a another life though. And you gotta love those high waisted, light denim faded skinny jeans he's wearing... only a real man could pull that off. He he he. Oh and didn't you know he wrote "Im on Fire" about me? yeah. He totally did. 



p.s check {this} out... my friend Paivi showed me this...
he's just jammin before a concert in Copenhagen. Music for the love of music.

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